Green is now available in any color…

Statistics say you will have an automobile accident once every 7 years… not a great thing to think about, but it happens. Why not turn a negative into a positive? How?

If you have an accident, your insurance company has to let you choose where to have the repair done. They’re going to steer you, but you can make the final decision. If they don’t choose ‘green’, insist that they do. The ‘green’ shops listed on this site:

  • use the same waterborne technology that probably came on your vehicle from the factory (most vehicles nowadays do)
  • offer the same warranty on the finish
  • do the job for the same cost
  • get the job done at least as quick as other shops (or faster)

This means that you:

  • won’t be stuck in a rental forever
  • won’t have to worry about the finish
  • can sleep knowing you made the right choice by turning a negative into a positive

GreenRepairNow is a consortium of collision repair shops whose common goals include a repair that is fast, accurate, and eco-friendly.

If you (or someone you know) have had an auto accident, search for the ‘green’ shop nearest you. Having an accident is never good, but doing the right thing for our environment is.

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