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Body Shop Pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency produced a community information sheet about body shop pollution. This helped to lead many repair shops to start working toward becoming more environmentally friendly. Here is the sheet for you to learn from as well.

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Pollution-Related Deaths

Often we thing of being green as something that helps the enviroment be better. And this is true, but around the world pollution is not something that just causes trees to die, but real people. By choosing a green auto repair shop you might not be saving a life, but you are becoming part of the solution instead of causing just a little more damage. Science Daily has the story.

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Dirtiest Air in America, 1969

Chattanooga has fought hard over the recent years to clean the air you and I breathe every second. It has not always been that way.  The Realty Times takes a look back into the past.

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More Getting Trained with Waterborne

There are even more repair shops discovering the benefits of using waterborne paint. The company PPG Automotive Refinish says that "more than 10,000 technicians" are now trained to use waterborne paints. We here at Green Repair Now are excited about the prospect of more shops using environmentally friendly paints. Together we can increase the rate at which we decrease our CO2 emissions.

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Massena Village Planning Board approves auto repair shop site plan
MASSENA — Nearly 20 years after being granted a use variance to operate an auto repair shop in the village of Massena, Bruce Green and Bruce Green II have had their site plan approved by village officials. The Massena Village Planning Board gave ...

Longmont Times-Call
Longmont: Hands tied on private 'eyesore' dumpster
Longmont Times-Call
Now that it's full, couches, plywood, broken TV sets, tables and other refuse are scattered in a three-foot radius around the large, green dumpster that belongs to private roll-off service McDonald Farms. Paul Payne, 46, owner of St. Vrain Arbor Care ...

CDP 1001 PrepVolley229.JPG
The Daily Progress
We want to give our neighbors and friends milk from their own community, where they can see the happy cows munching on fresh green, grass and know they have a quality product they too can be proud of when they take a drink. At that point permits were ...

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Good Hope Pharmacy Opens
It's olive green in color with rock and wooden accents. “We tried to build something people could be proud of,” said Kiah. “We really like this style. This building used to be an old auto body repair shop, so the building lent itself to being a big ...

Travel: Portland's Pearl
Bend Bulletin
Abandoned freight warehouses began attracting artists, who were lured by cheap rents and a much less formal ambience than in adjacent downtown Portland, as well as start-up businesses — auto repair and parts shops, in particular. Studio lofts were ...